Will using lemon oil for cleaning really give you a grease cutting, germ fighting less toxic advantage?

Lemon oil for cleaning:

Can using lemon oil for cleaning really out beat those chemical cleaners you can purchase at the store? I believe it can and it can also support your health by providing a healthy less toxic alternative to cleaning your home.

Lemons are a citrus fruit and have an acid in them that creates an antibacterial and antiseptic property, I would compare this like mother nature’s bleach. The idea of squeezing lemons and zesting up the rind of lemons might not be a chore your willing to take on, Thankfully that’s where 100% pure lemon essential oils come in. When you use 100% pure essential oil like the Lemon oil they are steam distilled to extract the essential oil from the lemon


lemon oil for cleaning

Where in your home can you use lemon oil for cleaning?

I’d answer pretty much everywhere, although some areas could use a little extra support with other essential oils like around the toilet bowl!!  Lemon oil can be added to any natural cleaner you create to clean your home. I love the fresh scent of lemon oil as well so I although I’m not the best cleaner in the world, I don’t mind the task as it does make the house smell really nice when I’m done. I do have some specific recipes for homemade cleaning products I have created. In this article, you will find lemon oil for cleaning recipes for the following areas of your home.

Let’s whip up some of these homemade cleaners with lemon oil

Keep your stainless steel appliances looking new and streak free with this shine booster

Step #1:  Add 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda to your glass jar. You may want to use a small funnel as well.

Step # 2: Add in 10 drops of Lemon essential oil

Step #3: Add in 4 oz of Hot Water. This doesn’t need to be boiling, you can run your kitchen tap for several minutes to get some hot water.

Step #4: Add in 3oz of White Vinegar. you should get some bubbling reaction when the vinegar is added into the bottle


#2 Lemon oil for cleaning Stainless steel natural cleaner

This stainless steel natural cleaner is really good for sticky fingerprints that end up on your fridge handles and dishwasher

Step #1:  Add 4 oz of distilled water to your glass spray bottle

If you prefer to use tap water that is fine. I personally find that the distilled water is less streaky on the stainless steel.

Step #2:  Add 2 oz of pure natural castile soap to your glass spray bottle

Step # 3:  Add 10 Drops of the Lemon Essential oil to your glass bottle.

Step #4: Add in 5 Drops of the Isagenix Defensesheild Essential oil. I’ve chosen this oil for its immune-boosting benefits and its a beautiful blend of Lemon Oil, Frankincense oil, Eucalyptus oil, Rosemary oil, Clove oil, and Cinnamon Bark

Step #5 –  Add in 5 Drops of the Tea Tree essential oil.


 #3 Lemon oil for cleaning All Purpose Spray Cleaner

This is a handy all-purpose cleaner for wiping off the countertops, around your sink and faucets along with cabinets.

The lemon essential oil leaves your house smelling fresh and clean.

Step #1 take a glass spray bottle that is 8oz in size

Step #2 – add in 4oz of water and 4oz of white vinegar

Step #3-  Add in 15 drops each of Lemon Essential oil and Defense Shield essential oil.

#4 Lemon oil for cleaning Cast Iron Pan Scrub

Cast iron is one of my favorite ways to cook. I use my cast iron frying pan almost daily as I am anemic and I find it does help my iron levels to cook with cast iron. Cleaning cast iron and taking care of it so it doesn’t rust on you is easy to do when you take the time to learn how. Here is a cast iron scrub I use when I have stuck on foods like taco meat.

Steps: 1 – Melt ½ cup of Coconut butter in a double boiler until it has turned into a liquid.

Step #2 –  mix in 1 cup of coarse sea salt

Step #3 – add in 15 drops of Lemon Essential oil

Step #4 – Let cool

Step #5 – when you have stuck on foods, add about 1 tablespoon of your cast iron pan scrub and gently rub with a cast iron cleaning brush until you have loosened the food particles


I know you might be thinking that lemon essential oil is going to leave a messy residue on your windows and mirrors when you use this cleaner. But the trick is in the cornstarch. Glass and Mirror are not entirely flat. They actually are a bit gritty from the way they are produced and so the cornstarch is really going to help clean inside all the little dimples you can’t see with your naked eye and give you a streak-free clean with this window and mirror cleaner made with lemon oil.

Steps #1 – Grab an 8oz glass spray bottle

Step #2 – Add in 1 Tablespoon each of White Vinegar & Rubbing Alcohol and cornstarch

Step #3 – add in 10 Drops of lemon Essential oils


Lemon oil for cleaning Bathtub Soft Scrub

If you have a water ring around the bathtub this soft scrub is heavy duty enough to get rid of the water lines and soap scum but won’t harm your bathtub surface or tiles. Make up a big tub of this if you like or make it up as needed the choice is your.

Steps #1 – add ½ cup of baking soda to a bowl

Step #2 – add in 3 tablespoons of castile soap

Step #3 – add in 8 drops each of Lemon essential oil and Tea Tree essential oils

We have some really nice hardwood floors in our home, but with a home daycare and a dog, they definitely get dirty, weather its paint, glue, glitter, mud or sand, it seems every day requires a vacuum and the floor washed. This is quick and easy to make this lemon oil for cleaning hardwood floors recipe. & the house will smell great like fresh lemons afterward.

Steps #1 – In a large bucket, fill with about 4 cups of really hot water

Step #2 – add in ½ cup of white vinegar

Step #3 – add in 20 drops of Lemon essential oil


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