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Simple Strategies to Make Time for Exercise 

Want to keep fit but you just can’t seem to make time to exercise? Struggling with work, family life, and personal problems? With a little planning, you can squeeze fitness into a busy schedule. Exercise can improve your life on every level. You’ll not only get leaner but also feel energized and focus better at work. Regular physical activity has been shown to increase productivity, boost cognitive function, and lower the risk of death from all causes. 

Here are some simple strategies to make time for exercise:

Come Up with a Plan 

Unless you have a plan, you’ll never make time for exercise. Check your schedule for the week ahead and try to figure out when you can hit the gym. Work out at home on your busiest days. Set alerts on your smartphone and computer, pack your gym clothes the night before and stick to your plan. 

Do Mini Workouts throughout the Day 

A little exercise is better than no exercise at all. No matter how busy you are, you can still find time for a short 30-minute workout. Actually, many gyms nowadays offer 10- and 20-minute classes for busy professionals. But why you go to the gym when you get a heart-racing workout in the comfort of your home? 

The whole idea is to split your workout into mini sessions. For instance, you can stretch for 10 minutes in the morning, take a 15-minute walk during lunch break, and do bodyweight exercises for 20 minutes after work. This way, you’ll get rid of stress, keep fit, and burn more calories throughout the day. 

simple strategies to fit a work out in

Limit Screen Time 

How much time do you spend watching TV, checking your email, or surfing the Web? Why not use those hours to get your daily dose of exercise? Most people do these things simply because they’re bored. If you want to stay fit, trade just 30 minutes of your screen time for exercise. Instead of watching a TV series, complete three sets of push-ups, three sets of squats, and three sets of burpees. Or you can go for a short jog. 

From turning your commute into a workout to planning an active weekend, there are plenty of ways to make time for exercise. You can do your best to stay fit, or use your busy schedule as an excuse. The choice is up to you.




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