Meditation for kids

Meditation for kids is a powerful tool we can teach our children from a very early age. Proving an opportunity to learn meditation can help children be more confident in their own skin, increase their attention spans and focus for when they start school and also provide them with a personal tool to use when they are having some fear or anxiety to calm themselves.

How to start a Meditation for kids routine:

Creating an area that is comfortable and has very little distractions. You may not have any extra space in your home to set up a meditation area, I found this myself and so I purchase big plush pillows and we only use these pillows for meditation. My kids love their big pillows and look forward to their quiet time on the pillows, they will also sometimes cuddle up with a blanket too.

There is no right or wrong way to teach meditation for kids

Each child and experience will be different, Some children will pick up the art of meditation really quickly and some will struggle with sitting still. I believe the best practice is to lead by example.  Some children may want to sit on their pillow and observe you while you meditate. As they become more comfortable with the practice they may than begin to close their eyes and start doing some deep breathing themselves.

I found this youtube video to be the perfect length and easy for kids of any age to really understand blowing up the ballon.

Other tips and tricks for creating a mediation for kids.