Get Your Kids To Sleep Naturally With Isagenix Essential Oils

Try this all natural recipe and give the spray bottle to your children. Tell then it will keep the monsters away all night.

Creating an atmosphere for sleep and helping the body naturally whine down from a busy day will set the mood for a good nights rest.

Some children have anxiety about bad dreams or monsters in their closet.

That's why I've created a Bedtime Monster spray I've used with my children.

This blend of Isagenix essential oils creates calming effects and can signal the brain to start to prepare for sleep.

Placing this blend of Content, Lavender and Peppermint in a spray bottle gives children ownership over their fears and they can spray this mixture under their bed, closet or on their pillow before bed.

All natural Bedtime Monster Spray image



Add water to the Glass Spray Bottle. Then, just add the drops of essential oils. Show you kids how and where to spray the "anti-monster" spray. You and your kids will have a restful full nights sleep.

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