Morning Meditation for beginners

.I’d like to share my morning meditation for beginners tips to show you if you are struggling with learning to meditate your not alone. Meditation seems to be a bit of a buzz topic, more people are sharing their experiences about meditation and how it is making a positive impact on their daily lives I really wanted to do meditation but every time I get a few minutes to myself to close my eyes. I felt lost, My brain would just not shut off and it started to make a to-do list. I figured meditation just wasn’t for me, Or I was doing something wrong and I would give up. but every few months I will be pulled back into wanting to meditate. After much trial and error, I’m happy to share with you from my experience what worked for me for a morning meditation, I was also able to get our kids involved in meditation.I needed a dedicated space.I didn’t have the additional space in my home to dedicate to a meditation space. but I did get a meditation chair that I only use for my morning meditation. I also found it was helpful to make my living room dark so I would close the curtains so I was not distracted. I started out by using a guided meditation CD and I would listen to this, which gave my brain somewhere to focus. If a thought happens to pop into my head, I kept a notebook and pen close by, I wrote down the thought or to do list item and when back to focusing on the meditation CD. Morning Meditation for beginners can simply be 5 mins to start. but if you are struggling with learning how to meditate make a few of the changes that I did and I hope you will find it become a bit easier for you.

Morning meditation for beginners

Some of the benefits you’ll experience by taking up the act of a morning meditation for beginners and even seasoned people who have been doing a morning meditation routine for a long time. 

  • More time in your day.
  • Reduced worry, anxiety
  • improves mood
  • increases relaxation
  • increases focus
  • healthy happy brain
  • more creative
  • become more aware of your breathing
  • increases energy
  • positivity for self-care
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