What is MLM? ( Network Marketing Company?)

There are literally hundreds of Network Marketing companies and new ones are popping up every day. This type of business has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Network Marketing put pretty simply is about referrals. When you enjoy a product or service and received good value for your money you usually recommend this product or service to friend or family.  You don’t have to have a college education to be part of network marketing company. You just have to be human and talk to people.

Network Marketing is for everyone, it doesn’t matter your race, religion, occupation, age, gender or what you are for dinner yesterday. If you know how to talk and see value in a service and product you can share your options with others and benefit them with your knowledge.

You may feel like you have a small network of friends and family, or you have never sold anything before, or you just don’t feel you can talk to strangers. All of these feelings are normal and lucky for you this career path also comes with a personal development piece. you can earn while you learn. and that is what makes network marketing outstanding.

I personally have said all the above lines, but I was open to trying so I could earn my Isagenix Products for free. I earned my products for free as I learned more about the products, sharing my story with others.  What great is I was not alone on my journey. I met some incredible team members who supported me. invited me to attend training and events with them and I’ve personally experienced some amazing emotional and financial rewards for my persistence.


Network marketing, also known as MLM, is an innovative business opportunity for which you’re compensated for sales you’ve referred to the company AND the sales your recruits have generated. This is one of the key distinctions of multi-level marketing. You don’t just earn a commission on products you sell for the Network Marketing Company. You’re also compensated for sales your downline generates.

The Isagenix compensation plan is amazing, there is no cap on the amount of money you can earn. If you are willing to do the work, put in the time, have the conversations and really be a leader and show people how amazing this opportunity can be for financial freedom. Your actions will be rewarded with dedication. You can learn more specifically the details of the Isagenix compensation plan at Isagenix business.com

What types of benefits could an Network Marketing Company offer you?

You may not be willing to throw all your eggs in one basket just yet, but that’s o-k, that is why network marketing is perfect. You can work this business on the side, using your spare time while you continue to work your full-time job or attend school. As your business grows you can decide if making your networking marketing business a full-time venture is what you’re interested in doing. 

Each network marketing company is a bit different so before you jump on board to your first company do a bit of background research to ensure that company will be a good fit for you. but in general, terms here are a few benefits to having an MLM business

  • Low start-up cost: Starting a traditional business can be very costly and have high overheads cost that goes along with it. MLM business has very low start-up investment cost and very little to NO overhead cost, depending which company who choose.

Using my Isagenix business as an example. I was able to join with a $29 auto ship membership and every 30 days I place an order of 100 BV ( business volume)  to keep my account active. I get to eat the products I order and save money on my groceries while eating the healthiest superfood nutrition.


  • Be your own BOSS: one of the top benefits of network marketing is the freedom and flexibility to control your work schedule. You can work at any time and any hour you want. No more 9-5,  if your child has a dance recital or football game, you don’t have to miss it because of work. Or if anything important comes up, you can adjust your schedule without asking permission from your boss. Network marketing still takes a lot of work, especially in the beginning, but you have flexibility.
  • Financial Independence: MLM has the potential to create financial freedom. As your business grows, you’ll make more sales and recruit more people to your downline.  Starting an MLM business as a distributor is less expensive than creating a traditional business. This allows people from all backgrounds to earn money through network marketing, including university students, stay-at-home parents, and minimum wage workers.
Robert Kiyosaki

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki also endorses network marketing. He has discussed MLM on various occasions. Network marketing is a worthwhile business opportunity that you can take advantage of to live life the way you want

Could Isagenix be the right Network Marketing company for your dreams?


Isagenix, my network marketing company, was founded in 2002 and in 2016 had their biggest year to date, closing the books at $924 million dollars. Their 3-year goal is to close the books on Dec/31/2019 with $2 Billion dollars in sales. They produce high-quality, no -compromise health supplements, personal care products, and weight loss programs and sports performance products. You’re likely to find a product of theirs that improves your health and increases your energy levels or improves your sleep. Isagenix has one of the best compensation plans for distributors and an abundance of positive product reviews and transformation testimonials.

Our Isagenix Team is Growing, Would you like to join us?

Andrew and I are looking for motivated people and couples to join our team! We are committed to helping you develop a successful multi level marketing business, the best training, and resources as you start on your network marketing journey. 

Isagenix International offers the best training and resources as you start on your network marketing journey. 

With company core events, team training calls and private social media support. You will feel supported while you learn the ropes of building a profitable business. It won’t be easy! There will be struggles but the end results will be worth your sweat, dedication and time.

Are you ready to empower your dreams and live the lifestyle you desire? 

I’m ready to build my Dreams!

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Earnings Disclaimer

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