Peppermint oil by Isagenix - why everyone needs this Essential oil

Peppermint oil by Isagenix is always kept handy.

I keep a small one in my car, a bottle in our RV, and a bottle in our house.

Peppermint oil has so many uses.

Let me tell you how it can relieve pain, calm an upset tummy, improve your focus, and add flavor to your baking.

All of that with one little bottle.

10 Ways I Use Peppermint Oil By Isagenix EVERYDAY

  1. Energy Burst: Rub 2 drops of peppermint oil in your hands and breath in deeply. Perfect for when you are getting tired driving, studying late for school or need a pick me up without the caffeine.
  2. Before a workout: Peppermint oil gets me in the right state of mind for a hard work out.
  3. Relieves joint and Muscle pain: Apply 2-3 drops of peppermint oil with the Isagenix coconut application oil and massage into legs, arms etc after a tough workout.
  4. Cooking: Add a drop or two to chocolate, icing, candies, muffins, tea, cookies, the list is endless.
  5. Sunburn relief: Sore itchy sunburn? Add some peppermint oil to water in a spray bottle and spritz body.
  6. Repel bugs: Quite a few bugs like ants, beetles, and mice don't enjoy the smell, mix peppermint oil with water and spray in the area of a bug problem.
  7. Shower spray: Mix peppermint oil in a squirt bottle with water and spray down your shower after use to help with germs.
  8. Clear airways: Stuffy nose? Put peppermint oil in your cool mist diffuser.
  9. Bad breath?: Gargle with a drop of peppermint oil and water.
  10. Dandruff relief: Add 3 drops to your shampoo bottle.

Isagenix stands behind the quality of their Peppermint oil. It is 100 percent pure unadulterated oil.

Essence Oils by Isagenix are priced LOWER Then other Essential oil companies

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