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Save Time and Money with These Family Meal Planning Tips 

Meal planning and healthy eating go hand in hand. When you’re planning your meals ahead, it’s easier to manage your calorie intake and meet your daily nutritional requirements. This habit can also save you time and money. Over time, you’ll eat healthier and reduce the number of trips to the store.

Need help? Check out these family meal planning tips:

Make a List of Favorite Foods

Write down your favorite meals and snacks. Ideally, you should think of single-ingredient foods that can be used in various recipes. Some examples include sweet potatoes, pasta, steak, fish, tomatoes, and berries.

Search for Healthy Recipes

Go online and search for recipes that meet your needs and preferences. If you already have some favorite recipes, write them down. Look for meal ideas that include all food groups and provide a healthy ratio of protein, carbs, and fats. Keep your menu varied. If you have beef one day, try salmon, tuna, or seafood the next day.

Get Organized

Next, decide on the total number of meals and snacks. Do you take breakfast every morning? How often do you eat out? Do you often end up with leftovers? Consider these aspects when planning your meals. Be realistic and don’t try to change your eating habits overnight. If you cook more than you actually eat, you’ll waste time and money.

Go Shopping

Once your list is complete, go shopping for groceries. Check your fridge and cupboard to see what foods you already have at home. Make sure your grocery list covers the basics, such as flour, rice, eggs, spices, salt, and vegetable oil. Dedicate one day a week to grocery shopping. Buy everything you need in one trip.

Prep and Cook Your Meals

Pick one day of the week to prep and cook your food. Most people do it over the weekend. Wash and cut up fruits and veggies, grill or bake fish and meat, and cook large batches of whole grains and starches. Certain meals can be frozen for later use, so add them to your list. Vegetable casseroles, hamburgers, quesadillas, and grilled meat are just a few examples.

Why spend hours cooking each day when you can do over the weekend and have everything ready when hungry strikes? Give meal planning a try – it can change your life!



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