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The Ugly Side of Skin Care Products 

Have you ever asked yourself what goes in your favorite skin care facial cream? What about your shampoo and makeup kits? The chemicals in beauty products got a lot of media coverage lately. It appears that most creams and cosmetics are loaded with hazardous chemicals. Phthalates, coal tar, parabens, and other cosmetic ingredients may put you at risk for ovarian cancer, thyroid dysfunction, and infertility. These toxins enter your bloodstream through the skin and accumulate in your tissues. 

Are Your Cosmetics hurting your health?

Every day, the average American woman is exposed to over 168 chemicals from personal care products. Men are exposed to approximately 85 chemicals. Less than 10 percent of the 13,000 ingredients used in cosmetics have been tested for safety. The law doesn’t require manufacturers to assess the safety of individual ingredients or share their findings with the FDA. 


A Study by the Herb Research Foundation, found in its report that the skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the chemicals in products that are applied to the skin & then enter the bloodstream.
Many of these compounds are classified as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, or carcinogens. Yet, they can be found in millions of products, from eye serums and moisturizers to soaps. Phthalates appear to be the most harmful. 

Recently, Time magazine published a report showing that the beauty products marketed to African-American women contain even more chemicals. These toxic ingredients have been linked to ovarian cancer, reproductive damage, chemical burns, and hormonal disorders. 

What Chemicals Cause the Most Harm? 

Today’s beauty products contain about 85,000 different chemicals & toxins. In 2016, about 30 have been banned or partially restricted in the U.S. The EU has banned over 1,400 ingredients. Your skin is the largest organ and acts as a protective barrier. Anything you put on it enters your system, making its way to your tissues and vital organs. The chemicals used in personal care products are no exception. 

Dibutyl phthalate, which is added to nail polish, disrupts endocrine function and affects fertility. Coal tar dyes may cause brain damage and cancer. diisobutylphthalate, diethylhexylphthalate, and other phthalates contribute to obesity and endometriosis. Titanium dioxide, a common ingredient in deodorant and mineral makeup, is responsible for cellular damage. 

Be on the lookout for some of these chemical names:

Phthalates: Found in Perfume, Nail Polish, and skin lotions

Parabens- used as a preservative in Makeup

Formaldehyde- look for this in hair straightener products and nail polish

Methoxycinnamate- used as a UV filter in sunscreen 

Triclosan- Toothpaste, hand Soap, antiperspirant


How to limit your exposure to chemicals?

The only way to avoid these side effects is switching to organic or natural beauty products. You can also make your own creams, shampoos, and body lotions at home using natural ingredients. A quality skin care kit, such as the Rejuvity Essentials Pak by Isagenix, contains no toxic ingredients. The moisturizers included in this package hydrate and cleanse your skin. A few days from now, You’ll be able to notice how glowing your skin is and more rejuvenated.


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