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How to Relieve Traveler’s Constipation  

Ever wonder why you get constipated while on a holiday? You eat right and drink plenty of water, but you’re still stuck. What’s wrong down there? This condition is known as traveler’s constipation. It affects millions of people and doesn’t have an exact cause. 

Health experts believe that traveler’s constipation may be triggered by stress, which increases the sensitivity of the GI tract and alters gut bacteria. Additionally, most travelers eat snacks from vending machines, coffee houses, and gas stations. These foods are typically low in fiber and have little or no nutrients. 

What Is Traveler’s Constipation?

For many people, traveling can be a nightmare. Bloating, gas, constipation, and stomach pain come as part of the holiday package. Some travelers don’t have bowel movements for days while on the road. Possible causes include jet lag, changes in the gut flora, stress, bad eating, and poor nutrition. 

Researchers suggest that traveling influences the brain-gut connection, changing the friendly bacteria living in the GI tract. On top of that, most people drink less water than usual while traveling, which makes constipation worse. Other contributing factors include moving across time zones, eating unfamiliar foods, and prolonged sitting. 

Your gut feels when you’re changing the food, water, or environment. All of these things may have an impact on your system. In addition, you may not feel comfortable using unfamiliar bathrooms. Fortunately, there are ways to relieve traveler’s constipation naturally. 

How to Prevent and Cure Constipation While Traveling

The first thing you should do to get rid of constipation is to drink more water. This fluid stimulates peristalsis and keeps your digestive system running smoothly. Secondly, try to eat like you normally do. Choose familiar foods rather than completely changing your diet Avoid skipping meals or eating on the run. If you feel the urge to go, just do it. 

To prevent and relieve constipation, take some FiberPro with you. These fibers can be easily dissolved into water and consumed before or after a meal. Take a natural supplement, such as Isacomfort, to maintain digestive health. This all natural product contains magnesium, peppermint, hyssop herb, and other ingredients that aids in digestion and support general well-being. Harsh laxatives are not an option, especially when you’re traveling.

Traveler's Constipation





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