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Ultimate Guide On Walking Exercise Program For Beginners

When starting a walking exercise program, it’s wise you begin gradually. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your entire body and increase your walking distance once you feel you are ready. All you require is comfortable exercise clothes and walking shoes. Also, an excellent exercise and weigh-loss program typically work perfectly if you combine with a healthy meal plan. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 47% of most Americans are always trying to lose their body weight at any given time. The following are simple beginners steps and tips that will ensure that you lose weight as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Walk Slowly When Beginning

When starting, it’s good to walk for about five to ten minutes in one way and then walk back. For an optimal result, do it for about two days, and start increasing the distance to walk for about 15 minutes. Continue increasing until you start walking for about 60 minutes one way and back. However, try to walk briskly because you will burn more calories compared to when you are doing it slowly. In fact, you increase the rate of metabolism when you are walking and continues for a short period after finishing, specifically if you did it briskly.

Eat  healthy nutritious food

Note that an excellent walking program, together with a healthy meal plan will assist in losing more weight.  In fact, most people who read food labels and also keep food journals lose a significant amount of weight faster then somone who is “winging it”. 

Be Motivated Toward your Workout

Set aside the time to walk and do your exercises. You should schedule it in your daily diary or calendar. Once you see your walking program written on your daily schedule, you will stay motivated and of course, attain the optimal results. Note that, you can do your walking exercise outdoor or indoors.

If you are walking indoors, it’s possible to walk on a  treadmill and listen to some music or watch a movie at the same time. If you want to keep yourself accountable and also make this exercise a sociable activity, it is good to get a walking buddy. Ensure that you are consistent and make walking a priority every day. After meeting your goals, reward yourself!

A daily brisk walk can assist in maintaining your body weight and live a healthy life. Note that, your walking speed must be at a pace where you are in a position to speak and breath easily without gasping. When you are walking, drink plenty of water to ensure that your body is hydrated. 

 It’s also recommended that you check with your doctor before starting a walking program, especially if your body health condition requires medical attention.