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What is Protein Pacing?

While I was at our  Isagenix New Years Kick Off in Texas, I had the pleasure of hearing  Dr. Arciero speak about protein pacing.

What is protein pacing you might ask??  “Protein pacing,” Dr. Arciero defines, “is the scientifically proven combination of eating healthy, lean, protein foods at the right time of day to maximize health and performance.”

But how can this benefit me? By consuming protein throughout the day, you can maximize muscle maintenance during weight loss and muscle building when combined with exercise. Even more intriguing to those seeking fat loss, recent research suggests that protein pacing could enhance energy expenditure and improves body composition regardless of dieting (4).

How much protein do you need? Consume >1.4 grams of protein per kilogram daily

My example would be for my own body weight

I’m 165 pounds (78.4 KG)

78.4 kg X 1.4 g of protein = 109.76 G of protein for my body weight daily.


How will I consume that much protein daily?   Isagenix products can help,  

Our Isalean Pro shake is 36G of undenatured protein 

Our Isalean shake is 24G of  undenatured protein

Our IsaPro Whey is 18G of undenatured protein

Our Isalean Bars are 18G of  undenatured Protein.


Along with your snacks and regular meals you will be able to accomplish your protein goals with ease.

You can read the whole article HERE on Isagenix Health.



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