Why Isagenix is not available in stores

Isagenix available in storesHave you had a friend recommend Isagenix to you but you were wondering,  Why Isagenix not available in stores? Why can’t I just run into the local health food store and pick it up?

There are a few reasons Why Isagenix is not available in stores. Let me explain a bit about why Isagenix is only available from an Independent Isagenix Associate like myself.

John Anderson is the master formulator and creator of the Isagenix products. John has been dubbed the Mineral Man. Before Isagenix was born, John worked as a private label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, including GNC, Nature’s Sunshine, MetRx; creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight loss products.

When John went into stores and saw products he had created on the shelf and took a look at the ingredient lists he noticed that the amount of a specific ingredient might be lower, or taken out altogether. Another compromise companies were making on the formulations was the quality of the ingredients, instead of bringing in the best of whey protein they were substituting for a lower grade of the ingredient.  Why was this? Profit Margin

So Isagenix was created and dedicated to doing things differently,

Why Isagenix is not available in storesIsagenix uses a Direct Sales, Network Marketing approach to bring the very highest quality of nutrition to people.  This is why Isagenix is not available in stores. Isagenix has structured the company to eliminate advertising and distribution costs associated with over the counter retail. They’ve also added personal contact and real relationships between people who choose to cleanse and the person they get their product from. This method has a personal effect, When you purchase your product from me, I’m also using the Isagenix products and can share my experiences with you as well as connect you using social media and local events to thousands of other people that are also using these Isagenix products on a daily basis.

Your Friend had results and so will you,

Why Isagenix is not available in stores

Isagenix is about to celebrate 15 years in business and is now available in 14 countries. They are dedicated to impacting world health and becoming the largest health and wellness company in the world. They are truly dedicated to helping people with their health as well as freeing people financial pain.

Isagenix has created a compensation plan like no other, It rewards its customers for having an amazing health transformation and sharing this with friends and family they care about.  Direct selling is the business model Isagenix uses, just by sharing your experience and helping others have a health transformation you will be able to earn an income,  It is truly a win, win, win scenario. Your friend wins by getting healthy, the company wins by getting another loyal customer, and you win by getting to help someone you know and making some money.

Are you ready to impact your health?

Isagenix has solutions in 6 key areas:

Weight Loss



Healthy Aging

Skin Care

Wealth Creation

Isagenix Is also Growing Globally and you can share your experience with friends and family around the world. Isagenix is currently available in these countries:

If you would like to know more about the Isagenix business, I highly suggest you look over on Isagenixbusiness.com – it has all the answers to your questions.

I hope this blog post answers your question: Why Isagenix is not available in stores, and if you have more questions, or if you are interested in purchasing Isagenix products, or joining our growing team in Ontario & Canada we would be happy to chat with you

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